What Is Brodetto?

Have you ever tried to do extensive research into a type of cuisine you thought you knew everything about? You’ll likely have realized that there’s a lot more to it than you might think! Italian cuisine is one of the most notorious examples of this sentiment. The rabbit hole for this cuisine is vast and varied, and brodetto is a dish that’s among those in Italian cuisine. It’s actually a lot more famous than you would expect! We show you everything you need to know about brodetto below!

The Dish Itself

Brodetto is a cuisine that’s famous all over the world, and it has different names depending on where you go. The Italian name for this dish is brodetto, but it also goes by brudet and brodet. Upon first glance, you’ll notice that it looks like an ordinary fish stew. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that! This dish is most famous along the Adriatic sea, including the eastern provinces of Italy and parts of Croatia. The fish are stewed with vegetables and either red or white wine.

What Fish Are Involved?

Of course, it should go without saying that the fish involved in this dish varies depending on where you eat it. If you have the privilege of dining overseas, you’ll notice that the dish is made with 13 different types of fish. This is thought to have represented the 13 men that were at the table at the last supper. Once again, it depends on where you eat the fish, but some popular options for the dish include shrimp scampi, octopus, squid and king prawn. Some other countries don’t add all 13, instead opting to focus on the flavors of a few.


Preparing a brodetto dish is pretty simple despite the number of ingredients that are used. This is because everything is prepared in a single pot! It’s a slow burn, usually taking about 20 to 30 minutes to cook fully depending on what seafood you use, but you won’t have to drive yourself crazy with all of the different components of the stew. Regardless of how you prepare it, you’ll be happy with the result!

Brodetto at Bricco

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