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Tips On Making Tortellini From Scratch

Italian cuisine is some of the best in the world! If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your cooking expertise, you’ll likely have tried to make Italian staples from scratch. If you’ve tried making tortellini before, you’ll realize that you might be in over your head. It’s a lot tougher of a recipe to make than you’d think! In order to get all of the components just right, you can employ hidden cooking techniques to aid you. We give you some expert tips on making tortellini from scratch below!

Don’t Overdo It

When you’re making your own tortellini, it may be tempting to stuff your shells with as much cheese as you can fit. It always pays to have that cheesy taste, right? This is actually something that you should be avoiding! You still need to properly seal each tortellini after you stuff it, and overdoing it can make this process very difficult. Even if you manage to seal it, the tortellini will likely burst when you cook it! Err on the side of caution when it comes to how much cheese you add.

Use A Cookie Cutter To Shape It

Shaping your pasta is a lot less daunting of a task than you make it out to be. You may have tried several different DIY methods for creating the right shape with varying results. Cutting it with a pizza cutter or kitchen scissors doesn’t guarantee the best shape, and it also takes a lot more energy than you want to put forth. If you have a cookie cutter template handy, this is the path of least resistance! You won’t have to put as much effort into every cut, and you’ll get a guaranteed shape each time.

Experiment With Other Fillings

While cheese may be the primary filling of choice for most tortellini dishes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box! You can stuff tortellini with anything from meat sauce to spinach and everything in between. With these experimental fillings, keep in mind the stipulations about sealing the tortellini without it bursting in the pan. Use your best judgment if you’re trying to use other fillings, but you should try to keep the amounts uniform throughout the dish.

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