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Best Types of Noodles Out There!

The National Pasta Association has proclaimed March as National Noodle Month. While noodles date back about 4,000 to ancient China, our modern-day society loves noodles for a number of great reasons:

  1. Noodles are easy to cook. The ease and simplicity of cooking noodles mean even beginners can feel confident that with a little practice, and paying attention to the cooking timer, that they can produce a consistently delicious meal without advanced culinary know-how.
  2. Noodles make a fast meal to keep up with fast-paced lifestyles. Today’s families are more time-starved than ever before. We’re working longer, commuting farther, and pushing ourselves harder than we can handle comfortably some days. When in a rush to create a filling, satisfying meal, noodles offer the ideal solution.
  3. Noodles cost less than other easy and fast food options. Compared to other foods that are easy to prepare or fast to put a hot meal on the table, noodles can cost a small fraction of the price while also being a small fraction of the saturated fat and sodium many “quick” meals contain.


How to Make Things More Exciting?

Of course, enjoying noodles at home is one thing, but enjoying noodles with others among family, friends, and even in the community offers an even better opportunity to add enjoyment and interest to this celebration of noodles as wonderful food. So in honor of National Noodle Month, the National Pasta Association has three simple suggestions for honoring this ideal food with some fun and festivity:

  1. Experiment with bold new noodle recipes, with fresh and different flavor combinations and ingredients. Noodles are universal, so different cultures and palates around the world enjoy and prepare noodles in very different ways. Experimentation may lead to discovering a new favorite!
  2. Bring together family and friends for a potluck dinner over noodles. Because noodles are so versatile and appealing, different guests bringing different topics and recipes can work well for a fun and appetizing sampler of noodle-based dishes.
  3. Donate noodles to feed the hungry. Compared to the costs of other foods, a few resources can go a long way when feeding noodles to those less fortunate. Since several noodle meals can be served for just $1, it’s easy to see why National Noodle Month is the ideal time to not only celebrate noodles as a delicious and versatile meal at home but also a cost-effective meal to provide to those in need.

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