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Why to Order Atlantic King Salmon

A very popular elegant seafood option is Atlantic King Salmon. Rather than eating a meat of sorts, you can order a delicious salmon. Salmon is very filling and can be a very solid replacement for expensive cut meats such as steak. This article will go into detail about Atlantic King Salmon and why we believe it is an excellent dinner option. We will discuss its taste, texture, health benefits, and much more!

Taste and Texture

Salmon is known for its rich and distinct flavor profile. It has a buttery and fruity taste that most other fish cannot compare to. It has a slightly fishy taste and firm texture, however the the fish melts in your mouth when properly cooked. Salmon like many other fish can be cooked in a multitude of ways. Ranging from pan fry, oven baked, grilled, and many more options. Depending on the option you choose the salmon can have a different taste and texture. With some methods adding a more citrus aroma and taste. Other methods can add a more fishy taste that some people may not love. If you find how you best like your salmon cooked then salmon may become your favorite restaurant dish.

Health Benefits of Atlantic King Salmon

Salmon has a large number of health benefits. They are low in calories and high in protein making them a perfect option for diets and weekly meal prep ideas. When you eat salmon your body also feels satiated for a longer period of time, which helps suppress your appetite and cravings. Besides meal prep and dieting salmon contains a large amount of nutrients that can help boost your health. Having vitamin B12 makes salmon perfect for increasing your immune system health. Salmon also has omega 3s which are crucial for brain health. Salmon also lowers inflammation in the body and reduces the chance of having a heart attack. Eating salmon in moderation can have huge effects on your overall health whilst being a great-tasting meal.

Where to Eat Atlantic King Salmon

Many restaurants offer Atlantic King Salmon but none make it like Bricco. We have some of the best chefs in the Boston area. No matter the meal you decide on you’ll always have a great experience and have a burst of flavor in every bite. To try our amazing Atlantic King Salmon reserve a table today at Bricco!