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Why Gen Z Would Love Bricco Ristorante

Move over millennials its time to focus on Gen Z! Some of you millennials are about to turn forty! However, we know Gen Z you are currently flooding our restaurant’s scene too! We appreciate all your reviews you write for us too! We know you don’t trust anything that smells faintly inauthentic, but you’re in luck we’re Boston’s North End Italian’s delicacy! We want to win your trust and have a menu you’ll love! We have healthy sustainable options you’ll enjoy!



Meatballs are indisputable! Some people make lots of fuss about the perfect meatball! Boston’s best-certified angus beef served with fresh ricotta and crostini. Why reinvent the wheel? Go with a classic.


Crème di Leeks & Potato


Who cares if its raining, sleeting, or snowing this is a perfect dish for no matter what the weather! Leeks are notoriously great for any comfort food! Trust us you will love the crispy pancetta and crostino di parmigiano. 


Eggplant Bake 


What is better than layers of eggplant bake? This dish pairs beautifully with red wine.If you enjoy eggplant, you want to try Bricco’s eggplant bake layered and bufala mozzarella, tomato coulis and eggplant bon bons. 


Alaskan Crab Cakes 


Crab cakes are tricky! We assure you that we got this!  We use world-famous blue crabs from Alaska. These signature crab cakes are not to be passed up on the menu! They are not too  messy to eat, but you wont get over red onion, arugula, fennel salad, spicy tarragon aioli to go with your crab cakes!


Gnocchetti Sorrentina

Are your gnocchi minds even ready for this bonanza? Get more gnocchi in your life. Enjoy our baked with bufala mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. The gnocchi is truly like little baby pillows of heavenly bliss.




We’re telling you one spoonful of our risotto is enough to keep you coming back. It’s a treat because it changes daily depending on our wonderful chefs! 


The variety of dishes is what makes for the perfect spot for anyone in Gen Z to eat. We understand Gen Z is a different type of consumer. We have a range of dishes that on the menu to try, it’s the Zucchini Flowers, Burrata, Frittura Mista, Shrimp Scampi, and Meatballs that spice up your night out with us. Reserve your dinner at Bricco Ristorante!