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What’s The Difference Between Wine and Sparkling Wine?

When you’re presented with a wine menu at a restaurant, you’ll likely notice a bunch of different types of it there. Sure, you have your red wines and your white wines, but the menu is bound to have some sparkling wine, too! When you’re making the decision as to which one you want, you’ll probably want to know which of them is the best option. So, what’s the difference between sparkling wine and still wine? We’ve highlighted the most important distinctions below!


Sparkling wine and still wine go through a very similar preparation process with a few key differences. They both use grapes as a starting point and go through the same preliminary process of fermentation, where the grape juice is turned into a base wine. This is where your still wines would stop fermenting, but sparkling wine actually goes through a second round of it! Sugar and different types of yeast are added to the base wine to give it that bubbly texture before the second fermentation. This is why you might notice that sparkling wine is more expensive.

Health Benefits

Believe it or not, some of the health benefits that are found in red and white wines can also be found in sparkling wines! Since sparkling wine is usually made from both red and white grapes, it pulls health benefits from both types of wine. Specifically, it contains the same antioxidants that are good for heart health that are found in red wine. White wines have also been shown to help maintain lung tissue. The main difference is that sparkling wine contains far fewer calories than either red or white, with about 80 as opposed to 120.

Chemical Content

The main component that gives sparkling wine it’s bubbliness is the carbon dioxide that is formed after the second round of fermentation. For this reason, there’s a lot more carbon dioxide in sparkling wine as opposed to still wines. However, that doesn’t mean that still wines are devoid of it! If you’ve ever had a still wine and noticed a few bubbles rising to the top of the glass, that’s the carbon dioxide doing its magic.

Sparkling and Still Wines at Bricco

Regardless of where your wine preferences lie, Bricco has an extensive wine selection to satisfy that palette. We offer all three types of wine: red, white and sparkling, and we also have an extensive cocktail selection that includes our own originals! You’ll find a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisines on our menu, so you’ll have the perfect options to pair your wine with. To get the full experience for yourself, make a reservation with us today!