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What Makes Shiitake Mushrooms Stand Out?

Have you ever heard the saying that no two foods are the same? It has a bit of a different meaning than you would expect! Cuisines from different regions of the world vary slightly in what ingredients they use and what types of ingredients they grow. The same is true for produce grown all over the world, and mushrooms are no exception to the rule. Shiitake mushrooms are an incredibly popular mushroom variety that boasts more positive qualities than meets the eye. We go into more detail about them below!

They’re The Healthiest Mushroom

If you go online and look up the healthiest types of mushrooms that are out there, there’s one mushroom that’s consistent on all of the lists: shiitake mushrooms! Shiitake mushrooms have a variety of health benefits that aren’t present in other types of mushrooms. They have the highest copper content of any mushroom, a mineral which helps to support your immune system and blood vessels. They’re also helpful for lowering cholesterol levels, making them a great dietary choice for those who need it! It’s also rich in selenium, a mineral that serves a similar purpose.

They Have A Unique Flavor

Shiitake mushrooms aren’t just famous because they’re good for you! They also have a unique flavor that makes them tastier than most other mushrooms. They are hailed by consumers for their rich flavor, which is often described as buttery and comparable to some of your favorite types of meat. Shiitake mushrooms are great to saute and combine with different meats and vegetables to bring out the best of their flavorings. There are even some recipes that make it the centerpiece of the meal!

Where They Are Found

Depending on how vast your knowledge of mushrooms is, you might confuse shiitake mushrooms with a popular local variant in portobello mushrooms. Not only are portobello mushrooms lighter in color, they aren’t from the same area as shiitake mushrooms! The latter of the two hails from Asia, specifically around the area of China. They’ve grown abundantly in the land for centuries and became immensely popular locally and internationally over the years!

Shiitake Mushrooms at Bricco

Italian cuisine isn’t the only thing that Bricco specializes in! We also have shiitake mushrooms as a part of our Funghi pizza that we serve on our late night menu. There are plenty of great options that you won’t find during normal operating hours! To take advantage of the late night specials, book a reservation with us today!