What Makes Alla Valdostana Dishes Stand Out?

Have you ever had a cuisine with a style of food that was similar in quality throughout it’s lineup? We haven’t, either! It’s a mixture of having your own opinions on certain recipes and the recipes themselves. If there’s anything that Italian cuisine does well, it’s making a variety of great-tasting dishes that stand out from one another! If you’ve looked at the Secondi part of our menu before, you’ll have noticed one of these staples in our veal Valdostana. But, what exactly makes alla Valdostana meals stand out? We break it down for you below!

What Is Valdostana?

If you take a second to search for Valdostana in your desired search engine, you likely won’t get exactly what you’re looking for. This is because veal Valdostana is a variation of a more popular Italian dish called Pollo alla Valdostana! The only difference between this dish and what we have on our menu is the type of meat that is used. Valdostana dishes are made by stuffing the desired meat with fontina cheese and prosciutto. What gets served with the meat will depend on where you dine, but the idea is to mix in ham and cheese like this.

About Fontina Cheese

Perhaps the most unique aspect of alla Valdostana meals is the cheese that is used. Fontina cheese is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide and is mass-produced in many noteworthy countries. It gets its origins from Italy and is originally from the Aosta Valley along the Appalachian Mountains. It has a buttery, mild flavor with mixes of sharpness and a very smooth texture. This cheese is used here because it doesn’t overpower the meat’s flavor but instead helps to complement it. It’s a big part of what makes alla Valdostana meals noteworthy!

Wine Sauce

We forgot to mention one thing that is commonplace with all alla Valdostana meals. This would be the wine sauce that gets served with each one! Depending on what type of meat you use for the dish, the wine you use varies. A good rule of thumb is that white wine will usually have what you’re looking for! Wine sauce adds an additional kick to the already delicious flavor of an alla Valdostana meal. When you think of one of these, the cheese, prosciutto and wine all get mentioned. These three ingredients are what make our veal Valdostana so revered!

Veal Valdostana at Bricco

Is your mouth already watering from our description of an alla Valdostana meal? Try veal Valdostana for yourself when you come to Bricco! Our restaurant, located in Boston’s North End, is home to a wide variety of Italian cuisine staples that are reminiscent of meals you’d enjoy overseas. If you want an authentic Italian experience without the international travel, make a reservation with us today!