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What Is Semifreddo?

Italian cuisines are known for their variety and seemingly endless collection of original ideas. What might not be known, however, is how much it adapts from other cuisines and cultures as well! This is true for all portions of the meal from entrees to main courses, and it even includes desserts! Semifreddo is an Italian based dessert that isn’t entirely what it seems. We break down everything that you need to know about this Italian dessert below!

The Dessert’s Makeup

One look at the English translation for the word semifreddo should give you a decent idea of what this dish consists of. It roughly translates to “half cold” in Italian, meaning that you should expect a frozen treat brought to your table! Semifreddo refers to a collection of frozen desserts that bear a striking resemblance to ice cream, but aren’t quite the same thing. The main ingredients are egg yolk, sugar and cream, but semifreddo can come in a variety of different flavors.

Is Semifreddo Ice Cream?

One look at a semifreddo dish should tell you that it has remarkable similarities to ice cream. As we’ve previously mentioned, however, these aren’t the same dessert. There are a few things that set the two apart. Ice cream has a more dense texture than semifreddo thanks to its higher fat content, while semifreddo is more similar to a mousse. Semifreddo also is sliced like a cake would be and is often served on a plate instead of in a bowl. So while they may look the same, their components make them unique from each other.

Variations of Semifreddo

Just like semifreddo is a kind of variant of ice cream, there were a ton of recipes that branched off the dish to make something new! Semifreddo is also made with Italian meringue, which is a combination of the sugar and eggs that are used in the main dish. Italian parfaits replace this meringue with a pastry base called Pâté-à-bombe, making it softer in texture. Biscotto ghiacciato adds the meringue to fruit puree to make the Italian version of an ice cream sandwich. Both of these are delicious for their own respective reasons!

Semifreddo at Bricco

If you’re looking for a meal that’s a perfect representation of the Italian dining experience from beginning to end, look no further than Bricco! We specialize in a wide variety of Italian cuisines, cocktails and desserts – which includes the aforementioned semifreddo! If you’re curious and want to try this dish for yourself, get the best results by making a reservation with us today!