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What Is Secondi?

Secondi is an Italian dish that consists of veal, chicken, pork, and fish. Secondi was typically paired with primo in early times in Italy. But as time went on they grew to be separate from one another, and Secondi was served as its independent dish. Over time it has become a fan favorite dish for many Italians and people who want to try Italian cuisine.

Where Did Secondi Originate?

The name “Secondi” comes from the Italian word “Secondi” (second), which was how it was used years ago in Italy. It has a rich, traditional past and a diverse range of flavors that make it popular both in Italy and abroad.

The roots of Secondi are traced back to ancient times in Rome, where it was used as a secondary dish after or combined with “primo” (pasta). The combination of meat and pasta was not only a common dish in those times but made its way from Italy and went all around the world introducing new people to its exquisite taste. Over the years, the dishes evolved and started becoming their own separate dishes, but the essence of Secondi has always been maintaining the perfect balance of flavorful and savory.

Where Can You Find Secondi?

If you’re looking to try Secondi, you won’t have to go very far! Secondi is a more common dish in Italian restaurants especially in the New England area. Especially if you’re trying Secondi for the first time, it can be hard to find something you like. With Secondi being popular in the Italian industry, this means that you won’t have to settle for a worse option that might hinder your first-time experience.

What Does It Taste Like?

Secondi is a combination of many different types of meats that have different tastes. Each type of meat has an exquisite and savory taste to it that makes your mouth water. When it comes to pork and chicken, they can be prepared with multiple spices or even with parmesan. No matter how you order your Secondi, you will get an extremely tasty dish.

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