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What is Artisanal Pasta?

With the copious amount of pastas on the market, choosing the right pasta can be quite tricky. Some people opt for pasta that is full of fiber while others are looking for a plant-based pasta. At Bricco, we choose to use artisanal pasta because it’s made from the best ingredients available and it’s packed with flavor.

What is an Artisan?

An artisan is someone who is a master in their trade and this trade typically involves making something by hand. Additionally, the term artisan can refer to a product that has been created in a semi-mechanized way and only high-quality ingredients are used.

Both restaurants and grocery stores have been creating more artisan products due to customer demand.

About Artisanal Pasta

Making artisanal pasta is truly an art form that takes time and dedication. Once the dough has been mixed, the shape is created by extruding the pasta. What exactly is extrusion? This process takes place when dough is pushed through a form and then cut to the desired length, however, not every artisan uses this method. Some artisans choose to use a hand-cranking machine. During the drying pasta, artisans hang the pasta allowing it to dry naturally.

How to Cook Artisan Dried Pasta 

Cooking artisanal pasta is done the same way as boxed pasta but there is much more flavor in artisanal pasta. Typically, boxed pasta is starchy which makes for a sticky and thick dish. On the other hand, the starch is found in artisanal pasta rather than the water.

If you put sauce on your pasta, artisan dried pasta is light and fluffy so the pasta isn’t weighed down by the sauce. Keep in mind, rich sauces do work best with boxed pasta while lighter sauces complement the artisanal pasta.

Artisanal Pasta at Bricco

Bricco offers the best artisanal pasta in Boston’s North End. Come join us for a true Italian dinner! Choices include our Ricotta Pillows, Pappardelle al Cinghiale, Tortelli Pumpkin and ‘Big Night’ Timpano.