What Is A Puree?

Have you ever taken the time to look through a full Italian menu? If you have, you’ll likely have noticed some elements that you didn’t recognize before. Many of these words are things we’ve discussed before in our previous articles. However, there are certain elements that the Italian language just can’t explain, and one of these items is puree. You’ll see it mentioned several times throughout our menu, but what exactly is it? We break down what it is, and its uses below!

How Puree Is Made

Learning what puree is first involves figuring out how it is made! This is because puree is the end result of a process in cooking. The definition of a puree is a fruit or vegetable that has been altered into a smooth and creamy paste or liquid. There are plenty of different ways that you can bridge the gap between food and puree: blending, grounding, and pressing are really common ways to make a puree. These purees have a lot of different uses and are actually more common than you realize.

Where Is Puree Used?

Believe it or not, you may have eaten a puree before! Because the classification is so broad, things like hummus, applesauce, and pear sauce all qualify as purees. Purees can stand on their own as snack-type meals or dipping sauces, but they have plenty of other uses. Fruit purees make appearances in some of the most significant cocktails out there. Peach bellini uses peach puree as a main ingredient, and pineapple puree is often used in mojitos. Purees can also be spread along the tops of salads and meats to mix up their flavor.

Vegetable Puree

One of the most common uses for puree – other than adding it to your more distinguished recipes – is to make baby food. You’ll often see that the two main types of puree are fruit puree and vegetable puree, and this is where the latter of the two comes into play. Vegetable puree is used as a dipping sauce for crackers and baby food more often than not! It’s where classic dipping sauces like hummus, ful medames, and baba ghanoush. 

Purees At Bricco

If you want to try some purees for yourself, Bricco’s menu is full of them! You’ll get white beans puree with our Alaskan King Crab meal and passion fruit puree with our insalada mista appetizer. The rest of our menu is filled with Italian delights that your taste buds will never forget. Come experience the whirlwind of flavors for yourself – make a reservation with us today!