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What Exactly Is Food Ethics?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t consider the ethical decisions that go into the food that you eat, but it’s time to change that! The food ethics that are the most important vary from person to person, but individuals shouldn’t be the only ones responsible for making ethical food choices. Restaurants getting involved in the food ethics discussion will have a larger impact than just a few individuals doing so on their own time, but what exactly is food ethics in the first place?

Animal Rights

Some people and restaurants choose to serve only vegetarian or vegan food options. Remember, for this to be a decision of food ethics they must be choosing to do so for the welfare of animals, not for the taste or health benefits. Some people may also choose to only purchase meat and animal products from locally owned, smaller operated farms because they believe the animal suffering is much less than that found in mass production facilities.

Buying Organic

For those who believe the pesticides and chemicals used to grow our food are unethical, they may choose to only buy and eat organic options. This ethical decision can be based on the fear that the chemicals are harming the planet, animals, or the people consuming them. Non-GMO food is another common choice among those that find buying organic to be practicing good food ethics.

Fresh, Healthy Foods

A hot topic of food ethics focuses on the use of fresh foods versus frozen and processed options. This decision often stems from the growing concern about the health and well-being of the population eating processed foods more frequently than fresh foods. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, and a variety of other diseases have been linked to processed foods, yet many restaurants continue to serve them due to the lower price tag. A restaurant choosing to cook only with fresh ingredients, even if it means a slightly lower profit margin, is making a decision based on food ethics. The use of fresh ingredients not only makes for a healthier meal, but for a better tasting one as well. More and more people have begun to value the use of fresh foods in restaurant cooking. In fact, many of them will specifically seek out restaurants that utilize as many fresh ingredients as possible. Deciding to use fresh ingredients is deciding to value the health of the customer above all else, and that’s a prime example of an ethical food decision.

Here at Bricco Ristorante, we only use the freshest ingredients to make our delicious mouthwatering meals. Good things take time, and this pertains to food as well. We do not rush when it comes to making our dishes because we only want the best for our customers. Find us in Boston’s North End and have a taste of freshness!