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What Are The Standards To Get Beef Certified?

Did you know that a lot of foods have to meet a certain standard before they can be sold as advertised? This is especially common with a lot of foods in Italian cuisine, as many of them require homegrown ingredients to be officially classified as what they are. These standards aren’t just for foods grown abroad, however; beef is a common example of a type of food that undergoes these same standards! Beef actually has to go through a ten step qualification process before it can be officially certified. But, what does this process look like? We go over all of the different steps it has to take below!

All About Marbled Meat

Three of the most important steps throughout the ten step process have to do with a quality of meat called marbled meat. The main thing to take away from this is that the meat has to have an appearance similar to marble, but there are a few things that help it to get there. The main thing is that the meat has to contain a good amount of intramuscular fat, which is energy stored to help out during exercise. Not only does certified beef need to have modest or higher marbling, but the muscling of the meat has to be very high quality and have medium to fine texture. Marbling is a crucial part of the process!

The Physical Standards

Many of the steps in the ten step verification process have to do with certain physical traits that the meat has to have. Not only are these incredibly specific, but USDA strictly enforces these standards! Its hot carcass weight, the total weight of a piece of meat after the head and most of the internal organs are removed, must be 1,050 pounds or less. In addition to this, the ribeye must be 10-16 square inches. The fat thickness of each piece of beef has to be less than one inch as well. The cattle also has to be harvested at less than 30 months of age!

A Lack of Flaws

There are also certain flaws in beef that could disqualify it from being officially certified. All of it has to do with certain qualities of the beef that could hinder the taste. All certified beef has to be void of both neck humps and capillary ruptures for this purpose. This would cause the beef to have a much coarser texture, which certified cuts don’t have. The meat also cannot be dark in appearance. Darker colored meat is a sign that it’s well on its way to being spoiled, which can’t be the case if the beef is to be certified.

Certified Beef at Bricco

Bricco is fiercely committed to serving you fantastic dishes with only the finest tasting ingredients. This is why all of the beef we use in our dishes is 100% certified! We have a wide variety of Italian cuisines and dishes that best emphasize these qualities. If you’re looking for the freshest and best tasting food in Boston’s North End, make a reservation with us today!