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Tips For Making Good Crème Brule

There are a ton of desserts out there that are tricky to make correctly. Many of them use a very specific process to get to the delicious flavor that they hold, and one mistake could spell disaster for the entire recipe! When it comes to crème brule, this sentiment is no different. The popular French dessert is not without its share of challenges! In order to make the best crème brule dish possible, there’s a few things that you’ll need to know. Check out the best tips for perfecting the dish below!

Go Heavy on the Cream

One of the best parts of the crème brule dish is the cream inside! This is usually made with a combination of cream and sugar. A vanilla bean is also added to the mix in order to spice up the flavor. Because it’s the best part, you should definitely go heavy on the cream here! There’s a reason that crème is part of the name of the dish, after all. However, you should be careful with how you make it!

Cooking the Cream

When you cook the cream in a crème brule dish, there’s a specific way that you’ll need to cook it to achieve the desired result. You may think that all of the cream needs to go in one container, but this actually isn’t the case! Instead, you should divide the cream amongst several small containers called ramekins. Instead of putting them in the oven, you would then put the ramekins in a hot bath and let the cream cook that way. Ideally, the custard should be set but still be jiggly. It shouldn’t be a full solid!

Creating the Crust

The next crucial step in the equation is to create the crust that surrounds the cream. This is actually a simpler process than it might sound, but it’s still a delicate one! You’ll first want to sprinkle a little sugar over each ramekin so that the top of the cream gets as even of a coating as possible. Then, you’ll want to take a kitchen torch and lightly touch over the tops of each ramekin. This creates a brittle crust without affecting the deliciousness of the cream inside.

Crème Brule at Bricco

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