Tips For Hosting a Holiday Event In a Pandemic

Unfortunately this pandemic is still very real. Even if we are eight months into this pandemic, we should still be social distancing. So this year if you do decide to gather with friends, gathering outside is one of the safest options. Hosting any holiday event can be stressful.

Let us help you prepare for your outdoor gathering with a few of our favorite tips.

How the Host Should Prepare

  1. Decide on a menu: Typically, the host provides the main dish, and if you choose to make the event potluck  your guests should bring the sides. An outdoor event these rules can still apply or as the host you can provide the dinner spread. Plan your menu with simple things, like antipasti or appetizers. Decide if you want to make them or order takeout! Plan with your guests, you don’t want to end up with multiple people bringing charcuterie boards.
  2. Choose a location: Finding the perfect spot is key, To social distance the event properly find an outdoor space with  big open spaces.
  3. Check the weather: New England’s forecast can be tricky this time of year. Somedays we can enjoy mid sixty degrees other days it’s super cold and rainy. Plan in advance to make sure you choose a  beautiful day.  Don’t forget to have a plan b in case the weather decides to change.
  4. Always double check dietary needs: This is for your vegan/vegetarian friend. Make sure to offer options for everyone that includes plenty of options. No one wants to be invited to an event and be restricted to eating only one thing. You’re  a host, time to be thoughtful!
  5. Don’t forget the adult beverages: Decide if you want to supply the alcoholic beverages or if you’d like to share the responsibilities with your guests. Provide a range of alcohol , a mix of chasers, a red or white wine and most importantly, water. 
  6. Have fun but be safe! This has been a crazy year, this year needs celebration more than ever.

Holiday season is in full swing, now more than ever it’s time to plan accordingly. Order Bricco for all your family events. We sure won’t disappoint. Put in your order today!