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The Complicated History of Tiramisu

While there’s a history behind all of your favorite foods, the tiramisu’s history is perhaps one of the most hotly contested ones! The classic Italian dessert’s history has been a topic of debate for some time, but one thing is for sure: the tiramisu is a beloved Italian treat. The tiramisu has withstood the test of time, so let’s jump into the complicated history behind it!

The Tiramisu’s Origins

Depending on where you look, you’ll get a different answer for where and when the tiramisu originated. Some places will tell you that it was first invented in the 1970s by a cook named Roberto Loli Linguanotto. Others will tell you that it’s origins date all the way back to 1800 in Treviso. Others will get even more varied with its origins, saying that it originated in places from Siena to Piedmont and Veneto.

The location of its birthplace isn’t the only thing about it’s origins that is hotly debated: the reason for making it is as well! The wildest theories suggest that it was created as a precursor to Viagra. Other theories suggest that it was made for a variety of reasons, from pleasing a court to drawing inspiration from certain tonics.

So, the question is: Is there a way to be certain about any of these origin stories? The unfortunate answer is no! Because of the variations in time periods, locations, and reasons for making the dessert, we may never know where it truly originated. There are organizations dedicated to determining the true origins of the classic dessert. However, despite what they find, the battle over the true origin of tiramisu is far from over.

The Ingredients

Is there anything that these warring factions can agree on about the tiramisu? Surprisingly, there are a few things! One of the main points that isn’t as contested are the main ingredients of the dessert. The six main ingredients used in it are eggs, cocoa powder, coffee, sugar, mascarpone, and savoiardi. When you think of savoiardi, think of dry biscuits.

Of course, there are variations of this recipe that experiment with the ingredients a little more. However, the six main ingredients aren’t anywhere near as contested as the origins of the tiramisu. In fact, in official competitions, these six ingredients are required regardless of what variations you want to make to it!

Enjoy Tiramisu at Bricco

The one thing that isn’t debated amongst champions of the tiramisu is its deliciousness; and there’s no better place to experience it than at Bricco! Bricco is home to the North End’s finest authentic Italian dishes. And what better way to top it off than a tiramisu for dessert? We offer a variety of delicious Italian desserts and a drink selection to perfectly complement your meal. To get the authentic Italian experience for yourself, make a reservation with us today!