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The Best Sides for Your Main Course

When it comes to eating out, the sides you pick can be just as important as your main course. There are all kinds of different sides you can usually choose from at a restaurant. Therefore, understanding your preferences and what best complements your main course is key. In this article, we will be going over a short list of some of our favorite side options. If you see one of these options on your menu then be quick to order it for an amazing experience!

French Fries

One of the most classic and well-known side options you can get at a restaurant is french fries. These deliciously salty fried potatoes are an amazing addition to any meal. They are extremely quick for most restaurants to prepare and taste great. French fries can have numerous seasoning options and come with a plentiful amount. Whenever you decide to order fries you know that the experience will be good and enjoyable. Some may even call french fries “old reliable” because of how often they tend to gravitate towards this side option.

Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese

A healthier side option that tastes just as delicious is grilled asparagus topped with parmesan. This side tastes great and is a much less greasy and oily side compared to other options. The taste of the grilled asparagus becomes that much bolder when paired with parmesan. What goes from a bland meal becomes a much more complex flavor full of tanginess and robustness.

Mashed Potatoes

Going back to potatoes but this time it’s not french fry related. Instead, mashed potatoes are a delicious side option that perfectly complements every kind of meal it is served with. All restaurants make mashed potatoes slightly differently so it’s important to find a restaurant that makes it perfect to your preferences. Mashed potatoes are very customizable as well so be sure to get one you enjoy whether it be with gravy or even lobster.

Try Our Amazing Sides Today

Every side option that we discussed can complement a wide variety of meals. Whether you’re eating an elegant meal or stopping by somewhere for a quick bite. The options that we listed should be enough to cover you in most instances. However, if you want to try a large amount of sides that are delicious and different then visit Bricco in Boston, MA. They have a variety of side options that will make you crave more. Reserve a table at Bricco today!