The Best Salad in Boston’s North End

The Insalata Mista plate from Bricco in Boston’s North End may be the best salad you will find in Boston.

Bricco Storefront

Served with passion fruit purée – a subtle tartess with underlying sweetness cuts through the greens and delivers a unique dressing experience. A passionate favorite of gourmet chefs, passion fruit has a strong and tropical aroma, lending a decadent flavor to many ice creams, cocktails, and sorbets.

Sweet, juicy roasted pears are a bit sweet with a touch of savory, giving the salad a warm, soft, caramelized fruity flavor.

Baguette slices are slightly toasted with authentic imported Italian parmigiano-reggiano cheese for our crunchy, savory parmigiano cheese crostini.

Topped off with bite-sized and buttery spicy pecans, crunchy morsels that complete the salad experience with a bit of heat.

If you’re looking to eat healthy in Boston, look no further than the Insalata Mista from Bricco.