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The Best Pan-Searing Tips

Are you looking to branch out in your cooking styles? One of the best ways to diversify your recipe profile is to learn the various ways of cooking meat and vegetables. Every cooking method has its own unique way of enhancing your dish’s flavor, and pan-searing is no exception. If you execute it the right way, the rewards will be plentiful – and well worth your effort! However, in order to get the most out of pan-searing, there are a few key rules that you’ll need to follow. We’ll give you our expert tips on perfecting your pan-searing below!

Utilize The Right Cooking Oil

One of the biggest keys to successfully pan-searing your food involves getting it to a hot enough temperature for it to sear fully. Not only that, but you need to make sure that the flavor is uniform throughout your cut of meat. Utilizing the right cooking oil will make both things easier to achieve. Oils like peanut oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil have high smoke points that prevent the oil from burning (if it’s smoking for a little bit, that’s fine). Place your pan filled with oil on the stovetop first. Once it gets to the point where it is lightly smoking, you’ll be ready to add your meat!

Don’t Overfill Your Pan

Obtaining an even flavor throughout your meat is best achieved by giving it enough space to cook thoroughly. If you’re cooking with a lot of little pieces of meat, make sure you spread them out evenly throughout your pan. If your pan is overcrowded, you’ll run the risk of not searing your meat at all. This issue creates additional moisture in your pan, which can turn a pan-searing process into a steaming process instead. This won’t achieve quite the same result, so make sure you give your meat enough space to cook thoroughly!

Let Your Food Sit For A Few Minutes After Cooking

Pan-searing can be a kind of a slow process. We completely understand the temptation just to eat it right away as soon as you’re done cooking, but you don’t actually want to do this! Letting your food sit for a few minutes after the searing process gives it a little more time for the juices to marinate with the meat or vegetables. The more patience you have for this, the more vibrant the flavors will be when you go to take your first bite. Pan-searing properly is all about taking your time, so don’t rush things!

Pan-Seared Delights At Bricco

Bricco’s main goal is to give your taste buds an explosion of flavor with every bite, which is why we’re faithful to all of the best cooking standards for our Italian dishes! Those that are a big fan of pan-seared meats will have more than a few options to choose from, and each one will have you craving seconds by the time all is said and done. For an Italian dining experience with a special emphasis on flavor, make a reservation with us today!