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The Best Beer & Cocktails to Drink with Our Pizza

At Bricco, we offer much more than your typical Italian dish. While we offer simple options to satisfy the tastebuds of even the pickiest eaters, it’s our pizza that has customers rushing to our doors. With the perfect combination of sauce and cheese, how can you resist? With great pizza comes great beer so let’s explore our wide-selection of beer options to pair with your pizza. Oh, and don’t forget our cocktails!

Best Beer in Boston

When taking a bite out of the North End’s best pizza, you’ll certainly want to wash it down with a Corona. The light malty taste complements our flavorful pizza. This beer specifically is sweet, easy to the mouth and with lime, you get a kick of sourness but don’t worry, it certainly isn’t overpowering.

Straight from the heart of Boston, you can’t go wrong with Sam Seasonal. From floral strains to pumpkin flavors, every sip makes you feel like you’re diving into a new season. This is one of the most popular choices, especially among Bostonians. Try Sam Seasonal with our Proscuitto pizza or the classic Margherita pizza!

With a majority of Boston’s population being Irish, we can’t ignore another flavorful beer – Guinness. While this beer has a heavy, dark wheat taste, it’s surprisingly delicious with a slice of pizza.

Best Cocktails in Boston

If beer doesn’t tickle your fancy, wet your whistle with one of our professionally crafted cocktails. Whether you’re seeking a strong drink or a light, fruity option, we have you covered. There really isn’t any cocktail (or drink) that doesn’t go with pizza but if you’re going to sip on an alcoholic beverage in Boston, try our Sunshine. With a splash of soda, fresh lemon juice, Malfy and Combier Peach, you get to enjoy a wonderful combination of fruit and alcohol.

Bricco’s Sangria is absolutely out-of-this-world as we have found the ultimate combination of wine, alcohol and fruit. When eating our Funghi pizza, opt for the red sangria as it complements the high acidity in the tomatoes. The fruit flavor of sangria brings out the flavor in both the toppings and the crispy dough.

Last but not least is our Raspberry Lime Rickey which is both fruity, fizzy and is one of the most popular New England beverages. As a child, you may have found yourself cooling off with this beverage and as an adult, you can find an alcoholic version right here at Bricco.