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Summer Body Recipes For 2022

The spring months are finally upon us, but don’t be content yet! Now is the time where many people are starting to look further ahead to the summer months. In an effort to look their best at the beach this summer, plenty of people will try dieting and healthier recipes to help shed off some of the winter weight. If you belong to that group, there are plenty of different recipes that you can try to help out with this. We give you our own suggestions for the best recipes to get your summer body ready in 2022!

Chicken Cacciatore

There are a ton of Italian recipes that you can make using chicken, but we’re willing to bet that this one is the healthiest! Chicken pairs handsomely with mushrooms, peppers, onions and garlic to ensure that you’re getting the best food groups on your dinner table. There is a bit of prep involved (mainly around cooking the chicken) but the taste and result is worth it all!

Minestrone Soup

You wouldn’t expect a thick Italian soup to be among the healthy recipes that you can make, but look no further than minestrone soup! This recipe comes exclusively from Jamie Oliver and incorporates all of the vegetables that you can find that are in season. You can also add some pasta for a bit of carbohydrates to satisfy your stomach. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a good soup, you might as well make it good for you!


Did you expect another soup to be a healthy alternative? This Tuscan specialty quite literally translates to “cooked water”, but the ingredient profile shows that it’s far more than that. Celery, carrots, garlic, onions, and thyme all combine to make this recipe a smorgasbord of healthy options. Eating soup like this can be good for losing weight, so don’t be afraid to make a few servings per cook!

Italian Cuisine at Bricco

If you’re looking to shed some weight for this summer, try some of the healthy options that we have at Bricco! Our food is made with the freshest ingredients possible, and we have a wide variety of Italian cuisines that cater to anyone – not just those looking to lose weight! For the best Italian cuisine, wine and cocktails that you can find at the North End, click here to make a reservation with us today!