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Spring Time Drinks At Bricco

Spring is finally here. A warmer change of weather means ditching the comfort drinks and exchanging them for something that fits the vibe of spring better. Bricco Ristorante in the North End’s expert bartenders has provided exquisite cocktails for our customers for years. With the finest spirits, they will be able to guide your tastebuds through a plethora of drinks that welcome spring into our lives. Check them out below. 


Was this one hard to guess? Of course, it was going to make the list. What better way to welcome in the sunshine than with… well, sunshine. Our drink Sunshine is Malfy Gin from the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Combier Peach liquor with vivid orange color, fresh lemon juice, and a splash of soda. This drink is refreshing and perfect for a sunny Friday afternoon after a long day of work. This drink is ideal for you if you enjoy a refreshing drink with hints of fruit and gin. 

Tequila Spritz 

Another drink is associated with warm weather and good times. Our Tequila Spritz does just that. With Casamigos Blanco, Aperol and Ginger Beer followed with dashes of lime juice. This drink is incredibly refreshing but doesn’t boast the same fruity elements as the sunshine. The Aperol plays as a fantastic foil to the Tequila, creating a unique sensation for your taste pallet. It’s certainly an experience worth trying here in the North End, at one of the best cocktail spots in the North End. 

Bricco Sangria

Get your summer drinks started early. Sangria is a surefire summer drink, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed on hot spring weekends. Our sangria is made with Martell VS Cognac, Combier Peach, Cointreau (orange-flavored triple sec liqueur), Apple Pucker, and red or white wine of your choosing. This drink is powerful and filled with flavor. Sangria also has all the benefits of red wine, such as antioxidants and Vitamin C. Get together with friends and family here in the North End and give it a try. 

Best Cocktails In The North End 

Bricco is here to give you a complete experience here in the North End of Boston. Whether that be through food, drinks, ambiance, or service. We understand the difference of dining out in 2021 and want our customers to make memories despite the changes. Get your spring drinks by reserving a table here, or give us a call for any questions you may have regarding our menu.