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Planning Out a Good Date

There comes a point in time where just grabbing drinks isn’t enough anymore. Planning a good date shouldn’t be hard at all, especially if you know your partner well. Although first dates are a little bit different, with technology nowadays, you can definitely get a good sense on what your partner is going like. We all want our dates to be memorable and the last thing you want to happen is to bore the other person to death. Chances are, that will not happen, especially if you read through this blog!

What to think about?

First thing you have to keep in mind is the goal of a date is the enjoyment of the two parties. Impressing the other person and pushing ideas that they might like is great and all, but YOU also must enjoy your time together.

Second, talking about modern etiquette, this should be first on the list. Put your phone down. Trust me. The other person will appreciate you even more if he/she knows that you are paying attention to them and not taking their time for granted.

Be fun and spontaneous! Look up what fun things to do in your city in that time of year. Especially here in Boston, where there are a bunch of events happening all the time, you can definitely pick out a thing or two for this date.

I know that we are all about being impressive and fun, but truth be told, there is still nothing quite like a good dinner and drinks kind of date. Either trying out something new or finding a good place with the perfect ambiance combined with that delicious dish can really set the mood going. If you are trying to find a place with music, do make sure that you can still talk and listen to your partner. After all, this night is about the both of you and connecting with each other.

Bricco Ristorante & Enoteca

Bricco is a fine dining Italian restaurant that radiates romance and gives out the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner night. With its extensive list of wine and cocktails, it can really set up the mood the two of you. In addition to that, the mouthwatering meals will make you enjoy your evening more. Let us help you make this date a night both of you will remember.