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Pasta Recipes for Quarantine Comfort Cravings

Oh, pasta we can never get enough of you. What would we do without you, especially at a time like this! You’re our comfort carb loaded friend and, our surefire crowd-pleaser, and our constant comfort companion. With pasta in your stomach, there is no way you can’t have it all. There are so many kinds of pasta to choose from!


‘Big Night’ Timpano

This is the kind of pasta that will be a big star in this week’s Sunday dinner. This dish is worth the amount of preparation to pull together, but a couple of hours simmering results a drum-shaped stuffed pasta, classic meatballs, and braised meat ragu with such rich, deep flavor, you’ll float on cloud nine all week long.


Pappardelle al Cinghiale

You can’t go wrong with mushrooms!  This is the type of dish you just go. How do you say no to wild boar braised in red wine? Whip that up and add in porcini mushrooms. Inhale those delicious aromas and then dream about it later.


Gnocchetti Sorrentina

This dish might make you miss Nonna’s. Does gnocchi bring you back to helping Nonna in her kitchen?  Homemade gnocchi can be easy to pull together and won’t weigh you down. Bake your gnocchetti with bufala mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.


Tortelli Pumpkin

Staying locked indoors can feel like fall. So make yourself this pumpkin-y amaretti, honey, sage butter, root vegetables, and ricotta salata.


Amatriciana Garganelli

Niman Ranch pancetta, spicy colino tomato, pecorino romano make any pasta brighter, it complements to all the pecorino romano and pancetta in this easy dish.


There’s really no wrong way to pasta, but we wanted to help you find the best of the best: these pasta dishes are still available for delivery from 12 pm to 8 pm. Phone orders only, please call us at 617-248-6800.