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A top down view of two raw duck breasts on a brown cutting board. You can see the black surface they are on below the board.

Chicken vs. Duck

When you think of different types of meat, what usually comes to mind? We’re willing to bet that most of what you’ll say first comes

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Three pieces of a ribeye steak sit surrounded by salt and seasonings on a black surface.

Why Is Our Beef Aged?

If you’ve looked on the Bricco website before, you’ll notice that we’ve advertised that our beef is aged. You may have heard of wine being

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A white plate with a square slice of bread pudding resting on top of it. You can see a fork to the left of the pudding.

All About Bread Pudding

Regardless of which cuisines they sell, every restaurant in the world has their own staple. It could be a recipe that’s exclusive to their establishment

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A white plate with a burrata ball on top of it. You can see a tear in the cheese which exposes the creamy goodness inside. You can also see a fork off to the right.

All About Burrata

When it comes to Italian cuisine, there’s something new to learn about every day! There are tons of recipes, drinks, and foods that you may

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A top down view of a bowl of polenta on a white surface.

What Is Polenta?

When it comes to fantastic cuisines, they don’t just take one form. Other countries and cities will usually take a time-honored traditional cuisine and add

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