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Mozzarella vs Ricotta Cheese

In Italian cuisine, all assortments of cheeses are used to create mouthwatering dishes. Some of the most notable of these cheeses are mozzarella and ricotta. Both cheeses are very popular and have their distinguishing tastes and features. But what exactly is the true difference that makes each cheese amazing? In this article, we will be discussing mozzarella and ricotta cheese to determine which cheese is the best fit for you and your cooking.

The Foundation of Each Cheese

The main method of making mozzarella cheese is pasteurizing raw milk before coagulating it to create curds. Although mozzarella cheese can be made with a variety of different milks, such as goat’s, buffalo, and cow’s milk, it is often made with cow’s milk. As for ricotta cheese, milk is boiled until the curds and whey separate. Rewarming the whey will then create fine grains that become what we know as ricotta cheese.

Which Cheese Tastes Better?

very well-known cheese and has a simple taste. It has the traditional taste of cheese that most people love. Mozzarella has a milky and salty flavor profile with a smooth and enjoyable texture. Ricotta on the other hand has a nutty taste with a thicker and cremier texture. Both kinds of cheese taste amazing and can pair well with many dishes. Everyone has different taste preferences and should try each cheese before making a decision.

When to Use Mozzarella or Ricotta

For traditional Italian cuisines, ricotta cheese is typically used as a filling or a topping. Ricotta cheese also has a high heat tolerance making it unpractical for dishes involving melted cheese. Mozzarella on the other hand is very susceptible to heat and is used for many dishes that compliment it. Dishes such as pizzas and pasta truly make mozzarella shine because it utilizes its stretchy characteristics to enhance the food. When deciding on which cheese to use the best advice is to look at the dish you are trying to create. Once you identify the characteristics you are looking for then the perfect cheese option will naturally come to you.

Try Mozzeralla and Ricotta Cheese at Bricco

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