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Is Italian Food Healthy?

It’s always fun to explore different cultures of food, but there’s one category of food that has taken the world by storm; Italian food! Italian food is a staple across the world, known for its ties to traditional Italian ingredients and a wide variety of delicious recipes. A big concern that people seem to have about Italian food is whether or not it has nutritional benefits. The big stereotype seems to be that Italian food is very carbo-heavy, but how true is that? How healthy is Italian food really? We answer those questions in-depth below!

Italian Food Helps With Weight Management

Believe it or not, eating Italian food regularly can actually help you lose weight! While people look immediately toward the carbohydrates, what they fail to realize is the unwavering commitment to natural ingredients. Italian food uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients available, many of which are fresh vegetables. These foods are low in calories but high in nutritional value, helping you to maintain (or shed) your body weight while giving you a higher dose of nutrients.

Italian Food is Heart Healthy

Did you know that Italian food can actually help you improve your heart’s health? A lot of the ingredients in many Italian dishes are rich with Vitamin A (olive oil, spinach, onions), which is helpful for reducing your risk of heart disease. It can also help lower your blood pressure and help fight free radicals in your body, both of which are insanely helpful for improving your heart’s functions.

Carbs Aren’t A Bad Thing

The carbohydrate content in most Italian foods is actually the right kind for you! Doctors actually recommend that a little over half of your daily food intake should consist of carbohydrates. Most Italian dishes are a great source of this! This doesn’t mean that you should only be eating pasta, however. You should mix in the fresh ingredients that Italian dishes offer to get the most out of your carbohydrate intake.

Italian Cuisine at Bricco

As you can see, the answer to the question, “Is Italian Food Healthy?”, is undoubtably yes! There’s no greater source of delicious Italian cuisine than at Bricco. Bricco brings the heart of the Italian dining experience right to Boston’s North End. We carry a wide variety of Italian cuisines, wines, and desserts to ensure you get the full experience out of your meal. There’s only one way to get the experience for yourself: make a reservation with us today!