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Interesting Pasta Facts

Pasta is something that’s loved all around the world. Traditionally associated with Italian cuisine, pasta is much more interesting than you thought! With over 600 types of pasta to choose from and plenty of history too, there’s no shortage of fun pasta facts. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Pasta Has Been Around for Centuries 

Pasta origins date back so far, it’s impossible to say who actually invented it. for a while, Marco Pollo goes that recognition, but pasta has since been dated back much further than that. In fact, there’s evidence to show that ancient Romans used to enjoy pasta made from a simple flour and water combination. Pasta is a dish that’s always been easy and affordable to make, so it’s stood the test of time and extreme poverty. Pasta gained popularity in America in the year 1789, when Thomas Jefferson brought back macaroni and other types of pasta for locals to enjoy. Since then, the love for pasta has yet to slow down! 

There are Two Types of Pasta

There may be over 600 different types of pasta technically, but if you break it down to the actual pasta recipe, there are two different types – fresh or dry. Dry pasta is made with wheat and water. This type of pasta has an extremely long shelf life and a mild flavor. Fresh pasta also contains wheat and water, but it’s mixed with eggs too. The eggs make fresh pasta more perishable and give the pasta a more distinct flavor. 

Preparing Pasta is Easy 

Pasta isn’t something that can only be great if it’s ordered in a restaurant. Actually, making a delicious pasta dish at home is as easy as opening up your pantry and fridge! Everyday ingredients like garlic, tomato, olive oil, and red pepper can be combined to create a quick, easy, and delicious pasta sauce in no time at all. Different types of pasta may pair better with a thick and creamy white sauce, so it’s best to do a little online research before you start picking items from the pantry. 

No matter how you choose to enjoy your pasta or what type you prefer, there’s something for everyone! Make lasagna and bring the family together or create an elegant Italian night in for one. Pasta is a staple item for every home and it’s always sure to impress. Plus, now you have some fun pasta facts to share while you eat!