Hot Italian Recipes To Kick Off Summer

The summer months are officially upon us, which means that it’s time to enjoy all the fantastic perks that come with the season. You’ve probably already taken advantage of things like beach days, barbecues, and swimming, but what about cuisines? In Italian cuisine, there are so many different recipes out there that there are some that work well with each of the different holidays! As you might have expected, the summer months are no different. We showcase some of our favorite Italian summer recipes to satisfy your palette below!

Crispy Chicken Cutlets With Fresh Tomatoes

There’s a reason why summer is one of the best times to enjoy fruits and vegetables. It’s because it’s one of the seasons where they are most delicious! This recipe aims to take advantage of that quality by pairing fresh tomatoes with some easy to make chicken cutlets. Think of this like a healthier version of chicken parmesan – and a much better way to keep your summer body!

Italian Cherry Pound Cake

Okay, so not every Italian recipe that has to do with summer is going to be a salad. It’s always important to treat yourself, and some refreshing pound cake will do the trick nicely! This recipe takes advantage of the great fruit season by infusing fresh cherries into the recipe. On a nice summer day or night, there’s nothing better than a light – yet sweet – treat!

Squid Pizza with Saffron Aioli

Another great staple of the summertime months – no matter what cuisine you eat – is seafood! Summertime is when certain seafoods are at their freshest. So, why not go outside the box a little and try something you haven’t before? Meet squid pizza! This pizza is topped with squid, eggs, and garlic and drizzled with saffron aioli. It might sound weird at first, but the end result will be well worth the effort!

Strawberry and Mascarpone Gelato

When the hot summer days become a little too sweltering, it can be difficult to find the appropriate means of cooling off. Why not satisfy that craving with some tasty gelato? Strawberries and gelato are a delightful blend of flavors that will leave you wanting to make this recipe again and again!

Italian Cuisine at Bricco

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