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History of The Surf ‘n’ Turf

First Surf n’ Turf?

People have long argued whether the first ever Surf N’ Turf hailed from the West or East Coast, some believe that it’s origins began at the Eye of The Needle restaurant in Seattle, Washington while others believe it was first advertised in our home state, in Lowell, Massachusetts in the early 1960’s. Despite which you believe to be true, something we can all agree on is Surf N’ Turf is one of the most mouth-watering, craved dishes in the United States year after year. For those of you who have yet to try, it is seafood and steak. Usually lobster and steak to be precise. Two delicious and usually separate dishes combined together to create a unique taste and dining experience.

The Experience

Within the Surf N Turf, it is coated with a garlic butter sauce which helps melt the flavors of the seafood and the meat together. The meat is typically a Filet Mignon or Sirloin steak, and the seafood can be lobster, shrimp, crab or really whatever your heart desires. To be frank, the dish is great. It’s an experience that everyone should at least try, but not all of this dish is made the same in terms of quality. 

A quality Surf n Turf has boiled seafood, a steak cooked the way that the customer wants, and seasoning. With so much going on for your pallet, it’s important that the chef pays attention to the details of the seasoning within the meat, and also has the garlic butter to melt into the meal itself. Surf N Turf is believed to be of the high art, due to the combination of two delicacies and foods that customers frequently crave. What started as a meal that someone might have once a year, quickly became a cult-classic meal throughout the United States.

Bricco’s Surf ‘n’ Turf

At Bricco, we offer our version of Surf & Turf to you, the beloved customer. We have 8oz of juicy, sizzling, prime sirloin and over a pound of fresh buttery lobster which creates a wonderful sensation for your pallet. This dish coupled with a white wine as you work on your seafood, transitioning to a glass of red wine as you end with your steak is an experience we cannot recommend enough for Bricco Customers. 

If this blog didn’t make you hungry, then maybe you aren’t a seafood or steak lover. For the rest of you, Bricco welcomes you to contact us to make a reservation in our location in the North End. Come enjoy our own Surf n Turf made from your favorite Italian restaurant in Boston.