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History Of Gelato And Sorbet

Now that Bricco Ristorante is opened until 2 am on weekends, we offer lovely desserts of gelato and sorbet. The Italian ice cream-like dessert is mysterious, and many people may not know the difference between gelato and sorbet. Your friends at Bricco are here to sort out some of our favorite post-dinner treats and also make sure you order some the next time you’re in our restaurant. 

Gelato’s History

Gelato is a low-fat Italian dessert that shares a lot of similarities to ice cream. Gelato has more flavoring and less air than typical ice cream, making it not as rich. This is a good substitute if you’re searching for desserts that won’t tack on the pounds nearly as fast as ice cream or chocolate will. There are plenty of gelato flavors such as; pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, raspberry, and lemon. This means that if you’re looking for a substitute for ice cream that doesn’t lack variety, gelato is your winner. Gelato is a very smooth texture dessert because its ice crystals freeze smaller, giving it a silky texture in your mouth. 

An interesting fact about Gelato is it comes from the Italian word “Congelato,” which means frozen. The person serving you gelato is called the “gelati”. 

Sorbet’s History

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that’s much like gelato but made from sugar-sweetened water. Sorbet contains no dairy ingredients, so if you’re lactose intolerant, you may have just found the next dessert that you’ll crave. Frequently people believe that sorbet and sherbet are the same things. Sherbet contains dairy, while sorbet does not. Bricco’s sorbet is a beautiful pallet cleanser that is delicious and melts in your mouth. It’s a great dessert option for someone looking to enjoy treats still but not tack on extra calories. 

Gelato And Sorbet At Bricco

With restaurants allowed to stay open past 10 pm now in Boston, Bricco Ristorante is celebrating by bringing back some of our favorite desserts in the North End. Our gelato flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. In comparison, our sorbet is mango, passionfruit, or lemon. Our icy desserts are perfect nightcaps and go great with a late-night cocktail. 

Come to Bricco Ristorante to celebrate the return of staying open late, and make sure to bring your sweet tooth, reserve your table here or give us a call for more information! Also, check out our blog for more information regarding our menu and trends in the food industry heading into 2021!