Health Benefits of Duck

When it comes to the different meats that you can consume, we’re willing to bet that duck isn’t very high on most people’s lists! If you’re into hunting, you’ll know that the opposite is true. Duck is incredibly tasty and a nice way to switch up your meat palette. Did you know that duck actually carries a multitude of hidden health benefits? Duck is actually better for you than you think! We break down the most significant health benefits from eating duck below.

Very High In Protein

Amongst the health benefits that you can receive from ducks, perhaps the most significant of them is their protein content. In fact, duck contains more than a quarter of the recommended daily serving! Protein is valuable for helping your body to repair damage to your skin, blood cells, and muscles. If you’re looking to gain some muscle, consider adding duck to your diet!

Helps Regulate Blood Flow

Did you know that the nutrients in duck are incredibly valuable for our blood cells? Duck is great for helping to create healthy blood cells that flow well throughout our bodies. It has half of the recommended daily serving of iron inside, which is necessary for hemoglobin development. These hemoglobins are what give red blood cells their oxygen content and contribute to their healthy development.

Helps Prevent Diseases

Eating a serving of duck can go a long way to help you fight illnesses. It can help prevent everything from asthma attacks to the onset of mental health conditions, and even certain types of cancers! Duck contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids to help with this. Besides preventing diseases, these nutrients help to maintain your body’s organs and the strength of every cell in your body. Don’t discount the importance of omega-3 fatty acids!

Helps Promote Brain Health

Duck also contains a good amount of vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for your body’s cognitive development, your nervous system, your muscles and even hormone production! This can help you improve your memory. Duck has an especially high count of vitamin B3 as well, which is more helpful for keeping your cholesterol levels down.

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