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Food Culture in Boston

Considered as the oldest city in the United States, it’s amazing how the city managed to retain its culture while at the same time expanding and keeping up with the times. Although a bit similar to the rest of New England Cuisine, Boston’s cuisine is still an adventure you want to embark on. Since the city is located near a huge body of water, its cuisine is largely emphasized on seafood. Over the years, Boston has been expanding its culinary taste, including various ethnic cuisines. Read more about them below!

  1. American

Not just your typical bar food, Boston offers so much more than that! A lot of restaurants nowadays offer new twists and interesting combinations to classic American cuisine. And if you’re visiting Beantown, you wouldn’t want to miss a Red Sox game at Fenway. What better way to watch a Red Sox game than to watch it with juice Fenway Franks!

  1. Italian

A huge part of the Boston community is the Italian community. The city’s historic North End, also known as Little Italy, offers the best of the Italian cuisine. If you are looking for some excellent pasta dishes or mouth-watering pizzas, Boston’s North End is the best place to go!

  1. Seafood

Are you even in Boston if you do not try the seafood menu? Most popular dishes the city offers include the New England Clam Chowder, Boston Lobster Roll, Fish and Chips, and fried clams! Boston is located near a huge body of water and seafood is deeply connected to the city’s cuisine. Especially during the summer months, Bostonians love to indulge themselves with their favorite seafood meals, of course with a side of alcoholic beverage.