FAQ About Espresso Martinis

If any drink out there has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, it is undoubtedly the espresso martini! If you’ve ever visited our website in the past, take a moment to scroll down on the homepage. You’ll see that Bricco is home to an award-winning espresso martini! With how popular this drink has become, we make every one of our espresso martinis with extra care to ensure your satisfaction. If you haven’t tried an espresso martini before and are curious to learn more about them, this is for you! We answer the most frequently asked questions about espresso martinis below!

Is It Actually A Martini?

Despite the fact that espresso martinis are called espresso martinis, they actually aren’t considered legitimate martinis! A traditional martini requires gin and a fortified wine called vermouth. In fact, the original creator of the drink first branded it as a vodka espresso! What prompted the change was a martini revolution that took place throughout the 90s. The definition of what a martini entailed was constantly being rewritten, so many other drinks could now capitalize on the hype by adding their name to the mix. Thus, the espresso martini was born!

Why Use Three Coffee Beans?

A few key components give it the iconic status of a classic espresso martini. The main drink ingredients are one thing, but you may notice a special garnish that comes with each serving. Three coffee beans are usually the choice garnish, but why? It’s more symbolic than you’d think! The three coffee beans are meant to represent happiness, health, and wealth. The number of beans, three, is also deliberately done because the number is a symbol of luck in several religions across the world. The next time you toast with espresso martinis, you’re toasting to those three aspects of life!

The Drink’s Celebrity Influence

The man that is credited with inventing the espresso martini isn’t the only one who should receive it! The story goes like this: bartender Dick Bradsell is making drinks at a bar one evening when a famous celebrity walks up to him and asks him to make her a drink that will “wake me up and f**k me up”. The identity of this woman is hotly debated; some believe it was supermodel Kate Moss while others are inclined to think it was model Naomi Campbell. According to Bradsell’s daughter, this is a secret he took to his grave! The true identity of this model is unknown to this day.

Award-Winning Espresso Martinis at Bricco

There’s a reason why Bricco has been voted on as having the best espresso martini in Boston! We make all of our cocktails and Italian delights with the utmost care to revolutionize your dining experience. For a North End dining experience that can’t be rivaled, click here to make a reservation with us!