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Chicken vs. Duck

When you think of different types of meat, what usually comes to mind? We’re willing to bet that most of what you’ll say first comes from animals like cows and pigs. However, you shouldn’t forget about the birds! Chicken is one of the more common types of meat from fowl out there, but it isn’t to be outshined by duck. Duck meat is starting to rise in popularity as well! If you were asked to pick one over the other, which would you choose? We’ll break down all the differences between the two fowl meats so you can decide for yourself!


Despite both types of meat being classified as fowl, chicken and duck are remarkably different in terms of the nutrients you can get out of them. The main benefit to chicken’s nutritional content is a high amount of protein. It’s also rich in vitamins like selenium and calcium, both of which are critical for the health of your organs and bones. Despite this, duck has a higher vitamin content than chicken. Duck has high amounts of iron and copper as well lower amounts of cholesterol and sodium. Duck is a slightly healthier option for this reason!

Appearance and Taste

Chicken and duck also differ greatly in appearance. They are both considered to be white meat, but duck has a significantly darker appearance than chicken does. Duck also looks much fatter than chicken does. The main difference between the two types of fowl, however, has to do with their taste. The taste of chicken largely depends on what part of the bird that you’re eating. A chicken leg is going to have a big contrast in taste to a wing. The taste of duck, however, is mostly uniform throughout, not differing too much with each part of the fowl.


Despite duck being a healthier option than chicken, it’s actually far less popular! Chicken can be found in pretty much every location in the world because of its widespread popularity and good reputation. You can find it in most cuisines as well! Duck, however, is more limited in appearance. Its most popular uses are in Chinese, Vietnamese or French cuisine. It’s rarely found in other cuisines due to the fact that it’s more expensive to purchase.

Duck and Chicken at Bricco

It doesn’t matter if you prefer duck or chicken; you can find both in delicious meals from Bricco! We specialize in Italian cuisine and a wide variety of Italian cocktails and wines. No matter what you order, you’ll have the most satisfying experience you can get in the North End! To experience it for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!