Check Out the Best Italian Desserts

Italian desserts are adored across the globe, as they are always used with fresh ingredients such as cream and cheese. Whether you’re seeking a rich, chocolate dessert or a lighter fruity option, there are plenty of Italian desserts to satisfy your cravings.



Originating from the northern region of Veneto, tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts. Both elegant and rich in flavor, this layered concoction is made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and cocoa flavored mascarpone cheese.  It’s been adapted to cakes and other desserts.


Valrhona Chocolate Mousse

For a dense mousse dessert, the Valrhona Chocolate Mousse offers a smoky trait due to the Valrhona chocolate. A classic dish consists of marsala cream, caramelized rice crispies, and macoron cookies.


Homemade Gelato

Gelato is much more flavorful than ice cream due to its lower fat content. It’s also stored in a warmer temperature than ice cream which gives it a softer and silkier texture.


Crème Brule

This dessert is subject to many variations depending on where it’s made, but a true Italian expert can make something beautiful out of its simple design.  Some are chocolate flavored with a hint of vanilla bean.  It’s French in origin but found all over Italy.  You can find them professionally and authentically made at Bricco, with pan di stelle cookies.


Bricco Offers the Best Desserts

At Bricco we offer each of the desserts listed above and we have three flavors of gelato to choose from including chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. In addition to the desserts listed above, we also provide our guests with homemade sorbetto – lemon, mango and passionfruit. If you’re in Boston’s North End and you want to indulge in an authentic Italian dessert, stop in today!