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A pile of amaretti cookies next to a large spoon.

All About Amaretti

Since history and cooking are inextricably linked, discovering a recipe’s origins is always fascinating, and no exception applies to the common amaretti biscuit. These tasty

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Several fritelle lined up on a white plate in a kitchen

What Is Fritelle?

The frittelle, otherwise known as the fritole or zeppole, are Italian doughnuts traditionally served on Christmas Eve. The doughnuts are made from a sticky, flavored

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A closeup of a strawberry semifreddo dish. You can see a small plate with a slice of it in front of the bigger stack.

What Is Semifreddo?

Italian cuisines are known for their variety and seemingly endless collection of original ideas. What might not be known, however, is how much it adapts

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A white plate with a square slice of bread pudding resting on top of it. You can see a fork to the left of the pudding.

All About Bread Pudding

Regardless of which cuisines they sell, every restaurant in the world has their own staple. It could be a recipe that’s exclusive to their establishment

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Gelato vs. Sorbet

When you think of delicious desserts, it’s hard not to think about two of the best frozen staples: gelato and sorbet! Many people tend to

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