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Capers vs. Caper Berries

One of the most unique things about the different ingredients used in food is that they could be the exact same thing but just used for different purposes. When looking at capers and caper berries, you might think that this is a worthy example. However, capers and caper berries aren’t actually the same thing! There are a few distinct differences that set these ingredients apart from each other, including the way that they’re used in cuisines. We’ll give you a guide to the similarities and differences between capers and caper berries below!

The Part Of The Plant That They Come From

Want to hear something even more confusing? Capers and caper berries both come from the same plant – but they aren’t the same thing! This is because the two ingredients come from different parts of the plant. Caper berries are the fruit that a caper bush produces, while capers are the unopened buds of the bush. So, while they may be similar in origin, they’re picked at different stages of their development. Depending on how long you wait, you may get an entirely different flavor!

Where Each Is Used

Because the main thing that separates capers from caper berries is the stage of production they’re taken from, the uses that each has are remarkably different. Caper berries, for example, are only used in cocktails. They make a good substitute for the green olives traditionally found in martinis! Capers, on the other hand, are commonly used in a variety of cuisines. You can find them as a garnish for pasta dishes, deviled eggs, or certain seafood like salmon. They’re also commonly used in brunch menu items!

How They’re Similar

Capers and caper berries, despite being different from each other in makeup and use, do bear some striking similarities. Obviously, they come from the same plant. However, they also have a similar flavor profile! The flavor of capers and caper berries is remarkably similar to vinegar. They also have hints of tanginess and saltiness. While this flavor profile is unique, it helps these plant-based ingredients gain their respective uses in cuisines and cocktails.

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