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Best Types of Martinis

Summer is here, and patios are opening back up and outdoor seating is bountiful. That means a happy hour and weekend hotspots are going to fill up every day as the weather continues to bring a lovely excuse to get out and be social. A popular drink for ages, martinis are even more popular in the summer thanks to their amazing flavor and classic look. There are a ton of martinis to choose from, so here are some of the best types to choose from this summer.


There’s a reason a cosmopolitan is one of the most popular types of martinis. It’s so simple, yet so delicious, while still being a great way to drink no matter what the occasion is. Thanks to popular media adopting are at the “it drink” of younger men and women, everyone loves a good cosmo, and if you’ve never had one, you need to try it. Nearly every bartender can make this light martini, and once you have one, you’ll likely have found a new favorite.

Classic Gin/Vodka Martini

Another popular form of a martini is going to be found at nearly every bar you go to. A gin martini is going to be a go-to for anyone out for drinks after work or on date night. Gin and dry vermouth should not be this tasty, but it is, and it is likely that whether you go for gin or vodka, this simple form of the martini is going to be one you drink for some time to come. Hopefully, not all in one night!


Something that people love in a good drink is a bit of sweetness. If you like the sweet of alcohol mixed drinks more, the sweet vermouth and whiskey combo can’t be beaten. Typically made with rye whiskey, most bartenders will let you pick based on what you love to drink most.


A more out of the box martini made with cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice is a sidecar. These might not be the most popular form of martini, but the citrus twist on this classic drink is perfect for this time of year.

Espresso Martini

If the night is just getting started, but you’re feeling sluggish, an espresso martini is a great way to get a buzz and caffeine boost all in one drink. Start the night or keep it going with this classic martini.