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Best Italian Dishes For Fall

When it comes to noteworthy cuisine, Italian cuisine is one that can be enjoyed at any time of year. After all, there’s so much you can do with Italian food! There are a ton of ingredients that you can combine to mix and match flavors, making Italian cuisine among the most varied in the world. When it comes to Italian dishes to make during the fall months, this sentiment is no different. There are plenty of Italian dishes whose flavors pair well with the fall season! We’ve assembled some of our favorites below.

Risotto Alla Zucca

One of the most noteworthy vegetables that’s associated with fall is the squash. This risotto recipe aims to combine the fun flavors of fall with the satisfying taste of a classic Italian staple. The best part about this recipe is that the butternut squash ingredient is interchangeable with pumpkin squash. You’ll still be getting the fall flavors regardless of your preference!

Northern Italian Autumn Minestrone

This Italian recipe combines the unique fall flavors of Northern Italy with some of North America’s most iconic fall fruits and vegetables. The end result is a delicious and unique minestrone soup that brings the best of Italy and autumn to your taste buds. There’s a little bit of prep time involved with this recipe, but we promise you that the end result will be worth your efforts. If you’re gluten-free, this is the perfect dish to make!

Italian Beef Casserole With Red Wine

If you’re a fan of protein, then this beef casserole recipe is for you! This recipe combines the ingredients of a traditional beef casserole with red wine and vegetables and cooks it in an Italian style. Juniper berries and carrots add a bit of fall fanfare to the dish. It’s a perfect recipe to make for a family gathering, as the end result can serve up to four people.

Mushroom Ragu With Egg Yolk Pappardelle

An easy to make fall Italian dish with a small amount of prep time? Sounds like a treat! This is the perfect Italian fall dish for after a long day of work. It’s relatively easy to make and just as delicious and nutritious. There may be a bit of prep work involved, but not enough to drain what’s left of your energy.

Italian Cuisine At Bricco

At Bricco, we make the best Italian cuisine in Boston’s North End all year long. We have an extensive selection of cuisines that’s perfectly complemented by a similar selection of wine and cocktails. To experience the heart of Italian cooking in Boston’s most historic neighborhood, make a reservation with us today.