All About Wellfleet Oysters

Have you ever had a delicacy that was only slightly different from something you had consumed before, but those slight differences made it taste infinitely better? Welcome to the varieties of cuisine! Especially in seafood and Italian cuisine, changing one thing about a recipe can completely alter its outcome. When it comes to oysters, this is no different, and wellfleet oysters are a classic example of this trope. But, what are wellfleet oysters and what makes them so different? We break it down for you below!

Where Do Wellfleet Oysters Come From?

As is the case with many types of oysters, location plays a big role in the way they’re cooked, the way they’re served, and what they are served with. Wellfleet oysters don’t differ from this trend! You can typically find wellfleet oysters along the east coast of North America, stretching as far upward as Canada and as far downward as Chesapeake Bay. These oysters are coastal, so fishermen won’t have to sail out very far in order to secure their catches for the day.

What Makes Wellfleet Oysters Different?

You may think that there aren’t a lot of things that make wellfleet oysters different from their counterparts besides location. However, location is far more important of a factor than you might think! As we previously mentioned, wellfleet oysters are coastal oysters. This isn’t just useful for fishermen, but for the oysters as well! Because they’re so close to shore, they can benefit from the extra nutrients that come from coastal waters. Coastal waters tend to be saltier, which give the oysters a sharper flavor. Coastal water also tends to be colder, which allows the oysters to retain their flavor better.

What Do Wellfleet Oysters Taste Like?

It’s a crystal clear fact that coastal oysters have a better flavor than those that aren’t. So, what do wellfleet oysters actually taste like? The coastal waters give wellfleet oysters a mild sweet flavor thanks to their ability to retain their flavor better. The saltiness of coastal waters adds a briny finish to the oysters, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to seafood flavor. They’re incredibly versatile in terms of the ways they can be cooked as well, making them useful for many recipes.

Wellfleet Oysters at Bricco

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