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All About Torta di Ricotta

Cheese is one of the most flexible and versatile foods on the planet. If someone were to give you a fresh wedge of ricotta cheese, what would you consider doing with it? You could probably use it to make some homemade ravioli or manicotti, for example. However, did you know that ricotta cheese can also make for a great dessert pairing? If you’ve looked on our dessert menu before, you’ll likely have already seen a classic example of this trait in Torta di Ricotta. We tell you everything you need to know about this Italian dessert staple below!

What Is Torta di Ricotta?

Have you ever noticed that some Italian recipes use luxurious names to describe a dish that’s pretty simple in hindsight? Torta di Ricotta is just another example of this trend! When translated into English, Torta di Ricotta means “ricotta cake”. Essentially, this dessert is a cake that uses ricotta as one of the primary ingredients! It’s a delicacy that Sicily pushed out to the rest of the world over time, growing its popularity and turning it into a household name in many parts of the world. By combining ricotta cheese and eggs for the cake batter, you’ll have the base ingredients for this pie!

How Do You Make The Filling?

Unlike a regular cake, Torta di Ricotta doesn’t use milk as a foundation for the filling. After all, it has its own dairy substitute in ricotta cheese! Many of the standard ingredients still play their respective roles; flour, sugar, and eggs are all vital components to making the filling come out perfect. However, ricotta cheese and cream cheese are then combined with vanilla extract to make the rest of the filling. The end result should have the consistency of cream cheese with the great taste of the ricotta you mixed in.

Variations Of The Recipe

Torta di Ricotta is a sweet-tasting Italian dessert. So, it should go without saying that any variations of the dish should do their diligence in bringing out these sweet flavors! Common ingredients that make for great additions to the recipe include honey, chocolate, limoncello, and polenta. Almonds are another great topping to add on as well! Regardless of what you decide to put on, you’ll find that the reward is well worth the effort.

Torta di Ricotta at Bricco

Have you ever had a nice Italian meal and needed a perfect dessert to cap everything off? Bricco has the best of both worlds at your fingertips! We specialize in a wide variety of Italian recipes and desserts, including Torta di Ricotta. To experience the great taste for yourself, make a reservation with us today!