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All About Cosmopolitans

Did you know that there’s a rich history behind everything you eat and drink? From the most complex of gourmet meals to something as simple as a glass of lemonade, everything has a complex backstory behind it. The same can be said about one of the most notorious drinks out there: the cosmopolitan! The cosmopolitan is a type of mixed drink that is either adored or hated by everyone that drinks it. But, how did it get to such notoriety? We explain everything you need to know about cosmopolitans below!


While cosmopolitans are largely considered to be a more modern drink, there are actually a ton of people who claim to have made the drink! The first printed instance of a cosmopolitan was in the 1930s in an old cookbook. However, the true origins of cosmopolitans are murky at best, with credit being given to everyone from the gay community in Provincetown, MA to a random bartender in San Fransisco. The more likely option is that these people all created variants of the drink, but no two were exactly the same.


The main alcoholic ingredient in a cosmopolitan is vodka, but the other ingredients can be interchanged to create tasty variations of the beverage! For example, a “white” cosmopolitan switches out the red cranberry juice that’s traditionally used for white cranberry juice. A cosmocello switches out the lime juice for limoncello. Essentially, if you switch out an ingredient that isn’t vodka, you could end up with a much tastier version of the drink! What version you like best will come through trial and error.

The Controversies

Believe it or not, the Cosmopolitan is considered controversial. But, it’s not considered that way by most consumers; in fact, it’s the bartenders that hate it most!  The main reason that bartenders aren’t fond of it is because it’s a drink that they have to make many times over the course of a night. However, some bartenders aren’t as fond of the “artificialness” in the flavor, and others still hate it because vodka is the predominant drink of choice among Americans.

Cosmopolitans at Bricco

There’s nothing better to wash down a hearty helping of delicious Italian cuisine than a cosmopolitan from Bricco! We’re located in Boston’s North End and are the proud home of many different cuisines, wines and mixed drinks that combine for the perfect authentic Italian experience. To see what that venture is like for yourself, make a reservation with us today!