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All About Chilean Sea Bass

Do you ever wonder what it is about certain foods that give them such worldwide appeal? When you look at the types of food that have risen to prominence over the years, you’ll notice that there isn’t a ton of rhyme or reason to them. Sometimes, things just become popular because they taste good! When it comes to seafood, Chilean sea bass is no stranger to this belief. There’s a reason why we feature it so highly on our menu; read on to learn everything you need to know about Chilean sea bass!

About The Fish

Believe it or not, the name Chilean sea bass doesn’t actually describe the fish involved. The name is mostly used for marketing purposes and doesn’t actually reflect the name of the species. The fish itself is called the patagonian toothfish, and its main habitat is well below the surface of the ocean across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. A different species of toothfish, called the Antarctic toothfish, is found near the Antarctic shelf and marketed under the same name for commercial purposes.

What Makes It Famous?

Upon reading the description of this fish, you might think that it doesn’t do a lot to differentiate itself from other fish. You would be mostly right about that! However, there are two things in particular that make Chilean sea bass so highly sought after. The first of them is the fact that it’s easy to find. With it being prominent in 3 of the world’s major oceans, it’s safe to say that it is not hard to track down! The second is that Chilean sea bass is easy to cook. With a low prep time and it being so abundant, people loved to track it down! However, this has led to overfishing, which means that these fish are highly regulated to maintain their population.

Cooking The Fish

There are plenty of different ways that you can cook Chilean sea bass, and this leads to the other great aspect of this fish that makes it so popular. It has a very rich taste, which is already a desirable trait for seafood. However, it also takes on the flavor of any sauce you use to cook it with. So not only does it have a great taste, but it can be paired with pretty much any sauce for a unique flavor. Do you see why Chilean sea bass is so highly thought of?

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