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All About Burrata

When it comes to Italian cuisine, there’s something new to learn about every day! There are tons of recipes, drinks, and foods that you may not even know about. Our menu is filled with such delicacies, but there’s an appetizer at the top that may raise a few questions: burrata! Burrata is often confused as a distant cousin of mozzarella. But, what exactly is burrata and what makes it different from that? We tell you everything you need to know about it below!


Burrata itself hails from the southern part of Italy, specifically from the region of Murgia. It’s made from cow’s milk, cream and a chemical called rennet, which is produced in the intestines of many animals. It first started out as an artisanal cheese before being adopted across the world, but it’s true date of origin is still a mystery. It’s debated to be from anywhere from 1900 to the 1950s, but the range doesn’t go much further than that. 

Burrata vs. Mozzarella

It’s easy to see why people tend to mix up burrata and mozzarella. After all, they both look like the same type of cheese! However, there is a key fundamental difference between the two types. Mozzarella and burrata are both curd based cheese, but the biggest difference is what lies underneath. While the curdy cheese is mozzarella’s entire makeup, the curdy cheese in burrata is merely a casing for what’s inside. Burrata actually has cream on the inside, which makes it a lot softer in texture and gives off an interesting taste.

Where Is It Used?

Because of its unique makeup, burrata isn’t actually used in a lot of traditional recipes! Instead, burrata works best as an appetizer and is served with a variety of salads. If you’ve ever had a croque madame before, you’ll know exactly why. Burrata works like an egg in that it’s very easy for it to flow over the rest of the dish. Salads and appetizers are where the dish shines best because they can absorb the liquid better and not alter the taste of your meal.

Burrata at Bricco

Looking to try this appetizer for yourself? Come to Bricco in Boston’s North End! We specialize in bringing the authentic Italian experience right to the east coast. Our gourmet selection is perfectly complemented by an extensive wine and cocktail selection to satisfy your palette. To see why Bricco is one of the best restaurants around, make a reservation with us today!