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All About Bread Pudding

Regardless of which cuisines they sell, every restaurant in the world has their own staple. It could be a recipe that’s exclusive to their establishment – or an adaptation of an existing recipe! It could also be the recipe that they’re the best at making. At Bricco, our restaurant staple lies in the dessert section. Bread pudding may not be a dish you’ve heard of before, but there’s no denying that it’s a wonderful treat to make. So, what exactly is bread pudding? We give you a crash course below!

The Dish Itself

Bread pudding is only partially what it sounds like! The main point to take away is that bread is the centerpiece of the dish. The bread essentially acts as a casing for what’s inside, but what you choose to put in bread pudding will vary depending on what you want to get out of it. The two main flavors you can get out of the dish are sweet and savory. For the sweetest result, you can use ingredients like syrup and sugar. For a more savory result you can use things like oats and honey. Either way, the dish is encased in bread for the final result.


Have you noticed that we haven’t dived into the origins of this dessert yet? There’s a good reason why we haven’t; there are dozens of variations of it! Every country has its own version of bread pudding. For example, Canada’s version of the recipe uses their own maple syrup as a filling. Puerto Rico chooses to make theirs with coconut and cream cheese. Hungary chooses to put egg whites on top. At Bricco, we use caramelized banana and vanilla gelato for a rich dessert! The possibilities are endless with what you choose to do with the dish.

A Quick Tip

Do you want to try to make bread pudding for yourself? Make sure your bread is at least a day old! Soft bread doesn’t do a good job of encasing the fillings of your bread pudding, as they will just seep right through the bread. Older bread (but not expired bread) does a better job of keeping shape and form. This is the key to getting it right every time!

Bread Pudding at Bricco

If you’re looking for a great place to try bread pudding, there’s no better place than Bricco! Our specialty bread pudding is as tasty of a dessert as you can make it with some of the sweetest ingredients that all complement each other. For fantastic Italian cuisine and bread pudding, make a reservation with us today!