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All About Beef Carpaccio

If you thought that cuisines only consisted of the big dishes that get served at a restaurant, think again! Especially in the case of Italian cuisine, cuisines are defined by pretty much everything to do with the cooking landscape, from full-course meals to cooking methods and appetizers. If you’ve ventured onto the Bricco menu before, you might have seen an appetizer called beef carpaccio. It’s an Italian staple that’s more complex than meets the eye! We tell you everything you need to know about this dish below!

What Is Carpaccio?

Beef carpaccio is actually a variation of a popular Italian appetizer called carpaccio, although it’s the most popular meat used for this meal. The appetizer consists of raw meat – in this case, beef – that’s thinly sliced and garnished with dressings like lemon juice and olive oil. These aren’t the only things it can be served with, as seasonal vegetables like beets and carrots in addition to nuts and capers are also popular. As long as the meat has been thinly sliced and meets the above specifications, it counts as carpaccio.

Is Beef Carpaccio The Same As Tartare?

Based on the above description we’ve provided of this Italian staple, you may have noticed that it sounds similar to another dish in beef tartare. While they might sound similar, they aren’t the same thing! First of all, beef tartare isn’t a dish that belongs to Italy. Second of all, tartare is made from meats that are pounded or chopped, while carpaccio only involves thinly sliced meats. They also are garnished with different things, as Worcestershire sauce, mushrooms and capers are the most popular ingredients to add on.

Other Variants of Carpaccio

Beef isn’t the only thing that you can add to a carpaccio dish! While it’s the most popular version of the recipe, there are other things that can be substituted for it. Fish like salmon or tuna are worthy substitutes for beef, while veal and venison are other popular versions of the recipe. In fact, there are some versions of the recipe where you don’t need to add meat or fish at all! Fruit and vegetable carpaccio is a popular variation for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Beef Carpaccio at Bricco

At Bricco, beef carpaccio merely offers a sneak preview of the Italian staples and specialties that we have to offer! Regardless of what you end up ordering, our meals will transport your taste buds to the heart of Italy. There’s a reason why people keep coming back to Bricco amongst the other Italian options in the North End; make a reservation with us today and find out for yourself!