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All About Agnolotti

Anyone who loves Italian food should know about Agnolotti. This tasty stuffed pasta comes from the Piedmont region of Italy. Agnolotti is small pieces of folded pasta that have a seasoned meat or vegetable filling. It’s said that the name of this pasta comes from a cook named Angiolino from Montferrat, who created these tiny filled pasta squares. Agnolotti is similar in some ways to other stuffed pasta like gnocchi and anolini, but it’s a distinct pasta specifically from the Piedmont region.

A Pinch Of Deliciousness

Originally agnolotti was semi-circular in shape. But over time, Agnolotti took on a square shape as cooks would pinch off small pieces of dough to stuff. Sometimes called Agnolotti al plin because of the pinch needed to close the dough around the filling, this pasta quickly becomes a regional favorite. 

Meat is the preferred stuffing for Agnolotti. In Monferrato, a unique take on agnolotti is stuffed with donkey meat. In Piedmont, some cooks stuff agnolotti with robiola cheese instead of meat or vegetables. Spiced squash or pumpkin is a fun seasonal type of agnolotti. And in France, ground seasoned lamb is often used to stuff agnolotti. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a delicious filling for agnolotti. 

How To Cook And Serve Agnolotti

Like most pasta, agnolotti needs to be cooked in boiling water. When they are soft, they are ready to eat. Any type of sauce can be served with these versatile stuffed noodles, but the traditional way to serve agnolotti is to serve it with a little warm beef broth and melted butter. A heavy sauce would overwhelm the delicate flavor of the fillings. It’s recommended that they be topped with a little fresh parmesan cheese. They can also be eaten with no sauce or butter, straight out of the boiling water, like dumplings. 

Fresh pasta is best for making agnolotti. Making pasta isn’t as hard as many people think and it makes a big difference in the taste. Often people are intimidated by the idea of making agnolotti from scratch, but it’s easy to do. The traditional way to close the pockets of dough is by pinching them, but it’s also possible to close them by dipping a fork in some olive oil and pressing the edges with the fork to crimp them shut. 

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