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A Guide To Braising

There are far more methods to cooking meat than you think! Each method is used with a specific goal in mind: to bring out the best flavors of the meat you’re cooking. It won’t be the same for every kind of meat you buy, and some can even utilize several cooking methods to bring out unique tastes! One of the more unsung heroes of cooking meat is a process called braising. It’s something that we use for a few of our high-profile menu items! But, how exactly does braising work, and how can you do it appropriately? We answer both of these questions for you below!

What Is Braising?

In order to know how to braise your meat correctly, you first have to figure out what exactly braising is! Braising is actually a combination of different cooking methods done in succession to bring out deep and inviting flavors for your meat. First, you start by pan-searing your meat, and then you transfer it to a covered pot with a liquid – such as wine – to finish out the cooking. When you’re thinking about maximizing the flavor of your meat, braising is an ideal cooking method to achieve that result.

Tips on Braising Meat To Perfection

Every cooking method has its own series of tips and tricks that you can employ to get the best results from your final product. Braising is very similar to this; read about our best tips to braise your meat to perfection below!

  • Find The Right Liquid: The liquid you use to slow cook your meat can make or break your recipe! Wine is a great option for most meats you’ll use, but it depends on the flavor profile you want it to have. Sometimes, beer might be a better option!
  • Fatty Cuts are Best: The rule of thumb with braising is this: the thicker the cut, the better it will turn out! This is because of the thickness of the meat, which allows it to absorb deeper and more powerful flavors evenly throughout.
  • Don’t Rush It: There’s a reason why the second step in this process is called slow cooking! In order to get the best results, you should not allow your cooking liquid to boil. Set your burners to a low setting to avoid this problem. You’ll need to pack your patience, but the results will be worth that effort!

Braised Meat at Bricco

Bricco is all about bringing the tastiest cooking methods right to your doorstep, and this includes braising! We have several selections of braised meat on our menu, and you’ll find that our chefs know all of the tricks to bring the best flavors out of our meals. To experience the tastiness for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!